Where the stress of the day melts away...

Fusion [ fyōZhƏn ] noun:
To combine or put together while using and creating heat.

Fusion combines relaxing heat therapies and the healing art of massage to bring you rejuvenating, custom treatments that will reinvigorate your mind and body. During each visit, we take our time to get to know you and tailor each treatment to your specific needs. Your progress, your preferences, and your success is our passion and first priority as we work together to achieve your goals. Our professionally trained and caring staff are here to promote and support your wellness goals while using the leading innovations in lifestyle education, treatment modalities, and the products we provide for your post care options.

Fusion is your sanctuary in the heart of Bartlesville for well-being and your escape from the stress of life. Thank you for making Fusion a destination getaway. We look forward to sharing in your continued efforts towards a better and healthier you!

Our mission as a team is to help you become a better, healthier and more pain free YOU! Through all of our services, we guarantee you will leave Fusion feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Yours in great health,
Amanda Jacobson, Owner