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Treatment Add-Ons


**NEW** Rapid Tension Relief ($15)
Using our amazing MWave massage gun integrated into your massage, at up 3300 repetitions per minute, our rapid tension relief can help loosen even the tight of muscles.  This therapy is great at relieving pain almost instantly from acute or chronic condition such as low back pain, glute pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, calf pain, quadriceps and/or hamstring pain, to name a few.  With four different treatment heads, our MWave offers an acute to broad approach to targeting your area of concern.
CBD Massage Oil ($20 - $25)
Enjoy the powerful effects of CBD with your massage.  Our 3 levels of CBD oils are infused with CBD-rich hemp, menthol. camphor, and organic jojoba seed oil. Powerful terpenes (aromatic oils and analgesic compounds) penetrate deep into your muscles and attack the pain receptors in the body via the Endocannabinoid System to interrupt pain signaling.Choose one of our 3 levels to enhance your massage and get amazing results.
Level 1 (Camphor 3%)   $20
Level 2 (Menthol 8%)    $22
Level 3 (Camphor 5%, Menthol 15%)   $25
Massage Cupping ($8 to $15)
Using silicone cups, your therapist will use this myofascial release technique by passing the cups over your skin to help alleviate tightness, reduce pain, improve cellulite deposits, and eradicate adhesions in your muscles and connective tissues.

Dry Brushing ($7)
Dry skin brushing exfoliates and stimulates new skin growth, cleanses the lymphatic system, and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Cold Marble Stone Therapy ($8)

Cold stones are great for reducing inflammation and helping with migraine or headache pain. Your therapist will use a variety of sizes integrated into your treatment to help alleviate your aches and pains.

Aromatherapy ($12)
Your therapist will custom blend essential oils specific to your needs. The custom therapeutic oils will be used during your treatment.

Hot Stones ($12)
Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smoothed lava stones in addition to their hands. The heat is deeply relaxing and penetrating for tight muscles.

Heated Bamboo Stalks ($15)

Similar to hot stones, we heat different sizes of bamboo stalks and use them to help in our deep tissue treatments. Similar to the modality of "sticking," your therapist will use the bamboo to help roll out and trigger point areas of pain and eradicate adhesions in your muscle tissues.

Back Polish ($12)
Using our Deep Steep sugar polish, the therapist will exfoliate your back and shoulders then use a hot towel compress to remove the polish. This is a great addition to cleanse a hard to reach area.

Jojoba Hair and Scalp Treatment ($15)

Your therapist will use a custom blend of rosemary and cedarwood essential oil in Jojoba oil to delicately massage your scalp using acupressure massage techniques to help relieve tension in your scalp and release sinus trigger points.

Sole Soother Foot Treatment ($17)
This treatment starts off with an aromatic foot soak in a large bamboo bowl. Your feet will then be polished, moisturized and massaged to perfection.

Paraffin Dip for Hands and/or Feet ($14, $22 for both)
Paraffin is an excellent tool for moisturizing hands and feet. Paraffin baths deliver deep heat to sooth arthritis and tiredness.

Hydrating Wrap for Hands and/or Feet ($10, $16 for both)
Moisturize your dry hands and feet using our specialized Epicuren Hydrating Mineral Mask. Your therapist will apply the mask and cover your hands or feet with hot towels to help your skin absorb the nourishment.

Sugar Polish for Hands and/or Feet ($12, $18 for both)
Exfoliate your dry hands and feet using our amazing Deep Steep sugar polishes. Your therapist will apply the scrub, wrap your hands or feet in hot towels, and remove the scrub to reveal smooth and polished skin.

Thai Poultice Balls ($25)

Herbs and spices wrapped in muslin cloth and steamed to help with a variety of ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and edema.  These muslin bags will be massage on your body throughout your treatment to help with circulation and inflammation.  Provides a great amount of aromatherapy.

Heated Seashells ($15)

A variety of spiral, conch, and cowrie shells will be heated and added to your massage to help with trigger points, myofascial release, and extreme muscle tightness.

Heated Salt Stones ($15)

Like the warmth of regular hot stones, but with an added detoxifying booster!  These smoothed, Himalayan pink salt stones are the ultimate in relaxation. Made of pure pink salt, when heated, these stones help to draw out toxins, increase circulation, and eradicate acid build up in your joints and muscles due to the high salt content.  You will feel a noticeable difference after one treatment with these stones. Perfect when mixed with our aromatherapy!

Kansa Healing Wands ($15)

Popular in Ayurvedic teachings, Kan-sa wands and their ability to energetically effect positive changes and enhanced overall wellness by capturing the bio electromagnetics of the acupuncture meridians and chakra grids have been sought after in holistic treatment for centuries. These copper tipped wands will help promote circulation, balance your chakras, and promote and overall feeling of peace and relaxation.