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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are a great way to enhance your natural lashes. Whether you want to add just a bit of length or want a full and dramatic new look, extensions are great to enhance your eyes and remove the need for mascara application. Lashes are glued to your existing lashes and last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on care and your natural lash cycle. Fusion offers protein makeup remover pads that are safe for extensions and extension conditioning and sealant to help prolong your extensions as well. You will receive a post care card from your service provider detailing how to take care of your lashes so they last. Fusion uses products from Minky’s Lashes. 
**NOTE** Please be aware WE DO NOT FILL LASH SETS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PUT ON BY OUR TECHNICIANS.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee our work will properly "mesh" well with a lash set you have received elsewhere.  At this time, we do not fill lash sets from other salons or spas. 


Full Eyelash set (2 hrs.) $150.00 +
Full Eyelash Fill (1 hr.) $65.00 +
Medium Eyelash Fill (45 mins.) $50.00 +
Partial Eyelash Fill (30 mins.) $40.00 +
Full Eyelash Fill Series (60 mins. × 5 appts.) $300.00
Full Eyelash Fill Series (60 mins. × 10 appts.) $580.00
Partial Eyelash Fill Series (30 mins. × 5 appts.) $185.00
Partial Eyelash Fill Series (30 mins. × 10 appts.) $350.00
Mermaid Lash Extensions Add-On (full set or fill) $10.00


  • (+) indicates that an additional charge may be added on to service depending on difficulty, product used, and time it takes to complete the set.
  • If you receive a full set and end up coming in for a fill more than 3 weeks past your initial appointment, technician may decide a full set is needed if the remaining lashes are sparse. This will be determined at the appointment and if necessary, you will need to be rescheduled so you may receive the full amount of time needed to redo your set.
  • Please note the following is the criteria on which we base our lash filling prices and are subject to change at any time without notice:
    • If less than 10% of your extensions remain, a full set is required: $145
    • If at least 15% - 20% of the extensions remain, an extended fill is required: $75
    • If at least 30% - 40% of the extensions remain, a full fill is required: $60
    • If at least 50% - 60% of the extensions remain, a medium fill is required: $45
    • If at least 70% - 80% of the extensions remain, a partial fill is required: $35

As previously stated, your technician may decide a different fill or set is required at the time of your service so the price and length of time for your service is subject to change at any time.  The above are not exact guidelines but an estimation as to how we proceed when filling your lashes.  Please be aware of our standards when providing lash services as we only strive to provide you with the best service possible and beautiful looking lashes applied effectively and diligently so you look as if you've had a fresh, full set every time you come in.


Important need-to-know Lash Information!

  • Our lash extensions are individually applied to each of your natural lashes using eye-safe adhesive and lashes made by Minky's.
  • YOUR LASHES WILL FALL OUT!  Whether due to your natural lash cycle, rubbing your eyes, washing your face, hormones, the type of makeup you wear or other general extraneous factors that can affect your lashes, they will fall out.  If you have a lot that fall out in a small amount of time, call us and let us know immediately.  Otherwise, DON'T WORRY!  This is natural as these lashes are not permanent just as your own natural lashes are not permanent.  Lashes do shed every 3 to 4 weeks naturally.
  • In order to maintain your natural lashes, every 6 months to a year, you will need a "lash re-set."  This is where we remove all your lashes and let your natural lashes go without extensions for 4 weeks.  This will give your lashes a chance to cycle through one full shedding period in order to correct any weird lash growths, thinning lashes, and to just give them an overall rest from the adhesive and excess lash weight.  By practicing this method, this gives your lashes longevity and helps prevent stunted lash growth or issues down the road you may have with the growth and development of your natural lashes and the follicles.
  • Fusion uses C-Curl lashes only!!  This is a mid-curl lash that is suitable for all lash types.  C-Curl lashes have the most success in lash extensions because their shape allows for more surface area of the extension to be able to adhere to your natural lashes. (DD and L curve now available by request. Your technician will decide which lash curve is best suited for your natural lashes. Some natural lashes will not be able to hold certain curves.)
  • We practice "stacking" techniques for a more dramatic and fuller look which requires multiple single lashes "stacked" onto your own lashes.  Your lash tech will be able to determine whether your lashes are sturdy and healthy enough to support this method of application.
  • It is very important in order to maintain your lashes that you follow all the instructions given to you by your technician such as: use oil-free products on and around your eyes, wear gel eyeliner, and do not wear mascara.  This will help with the longevity of your extensions.
  • It is important to condition and seal your lashes using a sealant. This will help to not only increase the longevity of your lashes but also condition and strengthen your own lashes. We do have a conditioner/sealant available for purchase after your appointment with us.
  • Lash longevity also depends on how oily your skin is, believe it or not!  Those with oily skin sometimes will have problems with longevity as it creates oiliness on your natural lashes which can break the glue bond quicker. Have no fear though! We use volume glue guaranteed to help prevent this from happening as much as possible!
  • It is important to not touch your lashes with your fingers as much as possible.  Be careful when you are wiping, cleansing, or touching your face as all of this wears down the adhesive bond quicker. Fusion also carries specialized protein pads formulated to remove makeup that are specifically made for eyelash extensions.
  • Please understand that the below lash photos are only to show what these extensions have done for some of our clients and are NOT an exact representation of what you should expect from your set.  Everyone's lashes are VERY different so each set will have its own individual style and flare depending on how well your own natural lashes are able to handle extensions.
  • Be sure to receive one of our lash care cards after your appointment to help you remember all of this information and more!