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Facial Treatment Add-Ons

**Bamboo Age Corrective Masque by Èminence ($18)
This masque visibly reduces the signs of aging, smooths, tones and tightens skin to improve elasticity.

Citrus & Kale C + E Masque by Èminence ($15)
This masque helps boost collagen production, reduces inflammation, and smooths to prevent and treat signs of aging.

Chocolate Hydration Mask ($12)
This mask uses antioxidant rich cocoa to smooth, hydrate, and fight signs of aging.

**Collagen FULL Eye Lift Treatment ($25)
This collagen-infused masks cover both the upper and lower lids to help lift sagging and wrinkled upper lids while alleviating crow's feet, under eye lines and puffiness.

Collagen Full Face 24k Gold Mask Treatment ($35)

This all over facial mask is the epitome of elegance and rejuvenation when it comes to collagen treatments. Like our other collagen masks, lines will be reduced, pores will appear smaller, and your skin will be more hydrated and smooth!

Collagen Lip Mask Treatment ($20)

Hydrate, revive, and plump your lips with this amazing lip mask. Slightly larger than your actual lip surface, this mask also helps to refresh lines surrounding your lips as well.

Collagen Neck Lift Treatment ($25)
This treatment uses a collagen infused gel mask to firm, tighten, and reduce signs of aging on the neck and décolleté.

Galvanic Frequency Treatment ($15)

Your technician will use our patented galvanic frequency wand to help release your impacted pores, kill bacteria that causes acne, help improve acne scarring, and increase skin's oxygen levels.

Guac Star Soothing Avocado Hydration Mask by Farmhouse Fresh ($12)
This mask is great for hydration, cooling, and calming skin inflammation.

Hungarian Herbal Mud Masque by Èminence ($15)
This masque helps to detoxify pores, eliminates toxins, tones and refreshes skin. This masque does have a slight tingle depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

Ice Sculpt Mask ($12)
This mask is extremely cooling and is great for those with Rosacea, acne and acne scarring.

LED Light Stimulating Treatment Mask ($25)

Skin LED masks use the principle of light irradiation, a safe and simple way to help with skin issues: improves living cells, promotes cell metabolism, promotes increased skin collagen secretion and fibrous tissue growth.
Red Light: Stimulates collagen production. Best for large pores and fine lines.
Blue Light: Kills Porphyrins, an acne-causing bacteria. Best for acneic and hypersensitive skin.
Green Light: Balances skin tone. Best for pigmentation issues, scarring, wound healing and maturing skin.
Yellow Light: Improves the exchange of oxygen in the cells. Best for lymphatic drainage, improving rough skin, wrinkles, redness and immunity enhancing.
Purple Light: Dual red and blue light. Best for and very effective on acne and acne scarring.
Clear Blue Light: Can gradually enhance cell energy to have a good cell metabolism.
Laser Light (white): Penetrates deep into the skin layers to accelerate active tissue metabolism. Best for decomposing skin spots, improving appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Lime Stimulating Masque by Èminence ($15)
This masque stimulates circulation, helps brighten and revitalize, and reduce pigmentation. This masque does have a slight tingle depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

**Pajama Paste – Yogurt, Oat, & Honey Mask by Farmhouse Fresh ($10)
This mask helps hydrate, reduce redness, and tighten you skin. It also smells pretty heavenly!

Pear & Poppy Seed Polisher by Èminence ($10)
This exfoliant mildly polishes skin using poppy seed granules to whisk away dead skin cells, high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Pudding Apeel - Tapioca + Rice Active Fruit Glycolic Mask by Farmhouse Fresh ($15)
This is an active fruit glycolic mask that helps renew and resurface skin to improve texture and clarity.

Raspberry Pore Refining Masque by Èminence ($12)
This masque is great for smoothing and refining your complexion while reducing and tightening pore size.

Sand Your Ground Clarifying Mud Exfoliation Mask by Farmhouse Fresh ($15)
This medium grain powdered volcanic pumice mask polishes and smooths while refreshing your skin and giving you a poreless-looking finish.

Seven Herb Treatment by Èminence ($15)
This masque is a unique blend of herbs that reduces and prevents breakouts while soothing irritation. This masque may have a slight tingle depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

**Splendid Dirt - Nutrient Mud Mask with Organic Pumpkin Puree by Farmhouse Fresh ($15)
Our most popular facial mask, Splendid Dirt’s pumpkin puree gently exfoliates to minimize the appearance of pores, boosts radiance, eliminates toxins, and leaves skin feeling fresh and firm.

Stone Crop Masque by Èminence ($15)
Made from the succulent plant, Stone Crop, this masque firms, smooths, lightens pigmentation, and intensifies and increases moisturization.

Sundae Best CoQ10 Chocolate Mask by Farmhouse Fresh ($12)
Skin softener, wrinkle defender, and skin revitalizer! This mask is a natural blend of cocoa, coconut milk, and honey. Along with CoQ10, live carrot fruit cells, and ginseng extract, this mask is great for hydration as well. Avoid if you have rosacea.

Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel by Èminence ($15)
This treatment is a gentle peel using the natural exfoliating effects of pumpkin. It reduces fine lines, sun damage, and leaves skin firm and radiant. It is also great at removing dead surface skin cells. This masque will tingle slightly depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

** - indicates Fusion and client favorite treatment!